About Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C.

Georgia-based Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C.  provide legal representation in all areas of insurance law assisting patients to successfully claim when no insurance payments have been made or if the claim was considered unsuccessfully paid. CMA are able to represent even the largest of clients and having recently recovered $24 million within the past four years.

The legal practice is proud of its no-nonsense approach and provide a high level of performance as well as customer satisfaction in all areas of insurance claims.  Although based in Georgia they provide nationwide legal representation for clients, hospitals and healthcare organisations that feel they have been wrongly treated within the claims process.

Contact Clark, Mascaro & Aziz, P.C.  today either by their website or direct telephone contact to discuss your claim and receive free impartial advice.

  • Health Regulatory Law and Litigation
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Insurance Corporate and Regulatory
  • Insurance Coverage
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